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Asking St Joseph for his Intercession
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In our Church, Prince of Peace, we had our first retreat on Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26, 2020.


Who Is Soldiers Of Mercy?


Soldiers Of Mercy

Is a Catholic Youth Ministry that caters to the development of youth through a series of Workshops, Retreats, Follow-up’s, Community event and Mercy Works. Our main purpose is to form the youth through our Leadership Development Program (L.D.P) and empower them to enrich lives of the youth around them.

After many years of experience with the youth, Sebastian Zapata and Arlene Milagros Carratala were inspired by the Holy Spirit to form Soldiers of Mercy Catholic Youth Ministry.  Soldiers Of Mercy Inc. was founded in January of 2009 with the launching of our unique New Life New Beginning Catholic Youth Retreat. The focus and charisma of our youth ministry is to help educate the youth against the errors and confusions of the world by providing them with an effective support system in which they will learn their faith and discover their God-given purpose or vocation. The spiritual aspect of our Leadership Development Program is based on the principle teachings of the Catholic Faith.  The youth who join our program learn to love God and the Church profoundly through living out an active sacramental and ministerial life.  The practical aspect of our program equips them with basic tools of time management, proper study skills, healthy living, human relations and communication, talent development, public speaking skills and many other abilities needed to organize and excel in every aspect of life including home, school, work and ministry that they may be successful in their careers and family life.